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Returns & Refunds Procedures

Right to Change Your Mind

You have fourteen (14) calendar days beginning the day after you receive your order (or from the day after you receive the last product in your order) to cancel your order because you have changed your mind. This applies to all products, other than products that cannot by their nature be restored to the same physical state as they were supplied (for example, tights) or in respect of products sealed for health protection or hygiene purposes,once these have been unsealed after you receive them, in which case the right to change your mind is lost.

Returning a Product

Please take care trying on the products as all products that you wish to return must be returned in a new and unused condition and must meet the Return Policy: Condition of Products to be eligible for a return and refund. We strongly advise that you check all products thoroughly on receipt before removing any attached tags and before disposing of any original packaging.

If you have received your order and want to return it within the fourteen (14) days returns period, you must return it to the boutique but this will be arranged through us. Please contact us at support@atterley.com if you have any queries about returning your products.

The steps below should be followed:

  • Within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of your order, you must notify us of the products that you wish to return and either arrange for these to be taken to a collection point or schedule a pick-up
  • To notify us, please either:
    • Sign in to the website and give us notice of cancellation using the options in the “my account” section
    • Click the link in your confirmation email which will take you to the website
    • Complete this form (which should be emailed or scanned to us at support@atterley.com)
    • Email us at support@atterley.com with details of what you bought, when you ordered or received it, what you would like to return, and your name and address
  • Please ensure that in any correspondence with us, you provide the order number related to the product that you wish to return
  • When arranging a return using the website, please select details of the products you would like to return and follow the steps on the website to arrange for the products to be picked-up at a time and from an address in the same country to which your order was delivered. You will be able to choose your preferred option on the website and in either case, you will have to tick the box to agree with the Return Policy: Condition of Products
  • Login to the website to obtain all of the labelling and returns information required to complete the return. You will need to select whether you are returning a single product or multiple products
  • Please ensure that each product is packaged in its original individual packaging to ensure the necessary protection when in transit (the products are your responsibility until they reach the boutique so make sure they are packed up properly and can’t get damaged on the way). If you are returning multiple products, as these will be returned via a central warehouse and the return costs are calculated per package, please package all of the individual product packages together in one single parcel. If you have any problems in packaging the products in one single parcel, please contact us at support@atterley.com and we would be happy to advise and assist you with this
  • You will be provided with a returns address label (either the boutique’s address in the case of a single product return or a central warehouse address in the case of multiple products return). The return label should be printed out by you and attached to the outside of the single parcel. Please save your returns details for your own records

Please note that products can only be collected for return from the same country your order was delivered to.If you have returned a product from a country other than your delivery country, you might have to pay additional import duties.


If you wish to exchange a product, you will need to return the original product and place a new order. You will receive a full refund for the original product provided that it complies with requirements of the Return Policy:Condition of Products.

Return Policy: Condition of Products

Returned products must conform to the following returns policy. Returns that do not meet this policy will not be accepted or refunded and will be sent back to you:

  • All products must be returned new, unworn, unwashed, undamaged, unsoiled and unused.
  • All products must be returned with all original garment tags and security tags and labels still attached to the product. If such tags are removed, then the returned product will not comply with this policy and cannot be refunded.
  • All products must be returned in a resalable condition.
  • Please handle all light-coloured bags and clothing carefully when trying on and deciding whether to keep the product as dark clothing, such as dark-coloured jeans, may transfer dye to lighter-coloured items
  • Please be careful, when trying on shoes, not to scratch the soles or surface of the shoe. Returns must include the shoe box, undamaged, as this is considered part of the product
  • Swimwear, underwear and lingerie should be tried on over underwear, without removing the protective adhesive strip. Products will not be eligible for return unless hygiene seals remain fully intact
  • Tights must be returned in unopened packages.
  • We do not accept returns of earrings or any kind.

Faulty or Damaged Goods

If you receive faulty or damaged products or products that are misdescribed, not fit for purpose or not of satisfactory quality, you have a right to reject those products and receive a refund. Please do not use the product as this may impact on your right to a refund. Products are classified as faulty if they are received damaged. Items that are damaged as a result of normal wear and tear are not considered to be faulty.

As soon as you notice the fault, please either contact us by emailing us support@atterley.com or login to your account on the website and report the fault. Please then arrange a return in the same way as if you were returning a product where exercising your rights to change your mind. Once the product has been returned to the boutique, you will be refunded using your original payment method.

Costs of Return

Responsibility for paying the costs of return depends on the reason for which the product is being returned. Costs of return will be paid by the boutique if the products are faulty or misdescribed or the boutique has sent you the wrong products. Otherwise, you, the customer, will pay the costs of return, including where you are returning the products because you have changed your mind.

The costs of return will vary depending on the country and the weight of each package you are returning.

The costs set out below are based on each package weighing less than 2kg.

Country Customer Return Cost
United Kingdom £5.92
Albania £16.52
Andorra £16.52
Angola £24.97
Armenia £24.97
Australia £19.16
Austria £16.22
Azerbaijan £24.97
Bahrain £22.37
Belgium £12.19
Bermuda £15.00
Brazil £24.97
Brunei £22.37
Bulgaria £16.52
Cambodia £24.97
Canada £16.66
Chile £24.97
Columbia £24.97
Croatia £16.52
Cyprus £16.52
Czech Republic £16.52
Denmark £16.22
Egypt £24.97
Estonia £16.52
Finland £16.22
France £13.13
Georgia £24.97
Germany £13.61
Ghana £24.97
Gibraltar £16.52
Greece £16.52
Guam £24.97
Guernsey £12.19
Hong Kong £19.19
Hungary £16.52
Iceland £16.52
India £19.16
Indonesia £19.16
Ireland £12.19
Israel £24.97
Italy £16.22
Japan £19.16
Jersey £12.19
Jordan £22.37
Kazakhstan £24.97
Korea £19.16
Kuwait £22.37
Latvia £16.52
Lebanon £24.97
Liechtenstein £16.52
Lithuania £16.52
Luxembourg £12.19
Macau £19.16
Malaysia £19.16
Maldives £24.97
Malta £16.52
Mauritius £24.97
Mexico £16.16
Moldova £16.52
Mongolia £24.97
Montenegro £16.52
Morocco £24.97
Netherlands £12.19
New Zealand £22.37
Nigeria £24.97
Norway £16.52
Oman £22.37
Panama £24.97
Philippines £19.16
Poland £16.52
Portugal £16.22
Puerto Rico £24.97
Qatar £22.37
Romania £16.52
Saudi Arabia £22.37
Senegal £24.97
Serbia £16.52
Seychelles £24.97
Singapore £19.16
Slovakia £16.52
Slovenia £16.52
South Africa £22.37
Spain £16.22
Sri Lanka £24.97
Sweden £16.22
Switzerland £16.52
Taiwan £19.16
Thailand £19.16
Turkey £16.52
Ukraine £16.52
United Arab Emirates £19.16
United States of America £13.12
Vietnam £19.16
Zambia £24.97

Where the weight of the package to be returned is above 2kg, and the return costs are payable by you, this will attract additional inbound shipping fees which will increase the costs of return stated above depending on the weight of the package to be returned. The incremental fee increases for returns that are above 2kg and the additional direct costs for those returns are detailed on our website here.

Where return costs are payable by you, the direct costs of each return will be deducted from the refund amount that is payable to you or will be invoiced to you.


Following receipt of a request for a refund or return, the boutique will be alerted of the return and you will be required to provide the products for collection as set out above.

Once the products have been returned to the boutique, they will be inspected, including any original packaging and labels, to ensure they comply with the Return Policy: Condition of Products. Provided that the products comply with the Return Policy: Condition of Products, you will be refunded the price you paid for the products, by the method you used for payment, subject to any deductions set out below including any that are due by way of compensation for any damage that may have been caused to the product.

Please note that it may take up to fourteen (14) days for your bank to credit your account.

If the products do not comply with the Return Policy: Condition of Products, for example, where the product is returned used or worn, damaged or soiled, washed or with swing tags removed from the product, the boutique is under no obligation to accept the product and may refuse the refund altogether.

In this case, we would contact you to inform you that the products are being returned to you and that you will not be refunded. As there will be no refund due to you from which we can deduct the costs of return that you are responsible for, the costs of return will be invoiced to you when we notify you that the products will be returned to you and these costs of return are payable by you.


Deductions may be made from the price you paid for the products if you are exercising your right to change your mind:

  • the price (excluding delivery costs) you are refunded may be reduced to reflect any reduction in the value of the products if this has been caused by your handling them in a way which would not be permitted in a shop, for example, you have torn, spoiled or damaged the product
  • where the costs of return are payable by you, as explained in the Costs of Return section, the amount you are refunded will be reduced to reflect all direct costs of each return
  • if we choose to offer a range of delivery options and costs, the maximum refund for delivery costs will be the costs of delivery by the least expensive delivery method that is offered to the country you are located in.

Any duties incurred when you ordered the products are non-refundable.