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About Us

We are Atterley, a network of the very best independent fashion retailers and a boutique shopping experience delivered direct to your door. We are a platform that promotes, supports and celebrates all that is unique about independent retail, working closely with our network of partners to curate an unrivalled and eclectic brand mix of new, known and niche labels.

Why shop with Atterley?

Shop the labels you love and discover something new – with express delivery as standard within the EU, shopping independent couldn’t be easier. Our team scout the best retailers globally, combining the buying experience and expertise of a network of fashion influencers to create a directory of 250+ stylish Boutique Brands. We retail to 27 countries, in 11 currencies and in 57 languages – with worldwide shipping in no more than three working days.

What makes Atterley different?

Beginning it’s journey as a multi-brand retailer, the Welch Group acquired the brand assets of Atterley at the beginning of 2016 – developing a new online platform that is unique to the marketplace. Today’s Atterley still speaks to this worldwide fashion audience, with continued investment in our reach, amplifying the interplay between local and global retail.

Want to work with us?

We provide our network of boutiques and independent labels the technology to simply e-commerce – managing customer care, logistics, taxes, returns and engaging with an active and fashion focused community of over 100k. Our system integration ensures seamless and hassle free stock management, facilitating small businesses to retail on a multi-channel scale with minimal additional interaction.

If you are a boutique or independent fashion label and would like to work with us – we’d love to hear from you…network@atterley.com.