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All Sisters

Barcelona-based swimwear label allSisters is a socially and environmentally conscious brand for the modern woman. Founded by Patricia and Alba Caballero, their inherent ethos of sisterhood goes hand-in-hand with their sense of responsibility towards mother earth. Every swimsuit is constructed in OEKO-TEX® certified fabric recycled from recycled fishing nets and other nylon waste, made in Italy in ethically sound facilities. The brand’s core goal is to make women feel sexy and secure, with flattering cuts and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that’s as suitable for water sports as for beach lounging. Daring geometric cut-outs let you show off your figure without risking a wardrobe malfunction, and an elegant monochrome palette allows your beauty to take the focus. And you’re guaranteed to feel as good as you look, knowing the ocean you’re swimming in is a little bit cleaner because of your beautiful allSisters swimsuit.

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