Ann Demeulemeester

The Belgian fashion house Ann Demeulemeester’s eponymous founder is known as one of the ‘Antwerp Six’, a group of graduate designers who transformed the fashion world in the 1980s with their visionary collections. Demeulemeester’s artistic background lends itself to her experimental, evocative style; finding a muse in androgynous singer Patti Smith, and inspiration in gothic, punk and Japanese fashion, she brings together complex layers of contrast between shadow and light, masculinity and femininity, languid elegance and a dark, romantic edge. Her signatures are her affinity for asymmetrical silhouettes, unconventional lines and a dark, muted colour palette. Today the brand is led by Sebastien Meunier as artistic director, who adds his own twist on the Ann Demeulemeester style while remaining faithful to the brand’s history.

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