Anthony Stoker

British shoe designer Anthony Stoker brings his philosophy of reverence to every meticulous detail of his breathtakingly beautiful designs. Killer stilettos steal the spotlight, as strappy designs are taken from sleek to glitzy with gold accents and Swarovski crystals, and sharp cut-outs reveal striking red leather under classic black. Evocative and alluring, every design is imbued with a captivating elegance that can elevate the simplest of outfits with a sense of poise and confidence. The designer takes inspiration from the world of art and music, and works closely with the Italian family-run factory that handcrafts their shoes to ensure they produce the very best luxury craftsmanship that can be cherished for years to come. Even their packaging is far from an afterthought; inspired by the experience of opening up a vinyl album, and the Japanese tradition of protecting and decorating gifts with a ‘Furoshiki’, Anthony Stoker shoes are wrapped up in a silken scarf and placed inside a handmade box with the exact dimensions of a record sleeve. Step into in a world of mindful luxury and jawdropping elegance, with Anthony Stoker footwear.

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