Antoni & Alison

Wacky and whimsical design duo Antoni & Alison combine a mish-mash of cut-out photographs, patterns and playful scribbles in dada-esque collages which are splashed across oversized dresses, knitwear, tops and skirts in high-resolution prints. With a design process that involves locking themselves in their studio for four days and trying new food, drink and music to inspire them, the results of their work have pioneered digital printing, leading London’s designers into a new age of hyper-realistic prints from their Rosebery Avenue shop-meets-tearoom. Their often-incomprehensible choices of imagery and tongue-in-cheek slogans scrawled in distinctive handwriting have made the brand a cult favourite for people who enjoy something a little different; people who, like Antoni & Alison, don’t play by the fashion rules.

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