Notes Du Nord

A Danish brand with an international appeal, Notes Du Nord is new on the fashion scene with a contemporary, urban approach to luxury. Decadently glamorous Art Deco influences are contrasted against a raw, gritty edge, and tempered by fresh, sleek minimalism – an homage to the label’s Nordic roots. A keen focus on shape and colour inform their rich, dynamic designs, and by hand-making every one of their prints, they add a unique sense of craftsmanship and character. The brand are dedicated to ensuring you feel as good as you look in their clothes, turning every garment into a sensual experience with sumptuous textures from cosy knits and fluffy faux fur to silken slips and kimonos. Don’t miss their signature snake buckle belts, guaranteed to elevate any outfit from simple to statement with an alluring, fierce elegance. Explore the evocative latest edit from Notes Du Nord below now.

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