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With Milan Fashion Week fresh on our minds, we asked our boutiques what makes Italian style so special...

France and Scandinavia are fail-safe sources of contemporary style inspiration, but Italy is to thank for many of the fashion's finest moments. From Prada's iconic '90s styling to Versace's opulent prints, the country’s plethora of talented designers certainly know how to make a memorable sartorial statement.

And it’s not just the big name creatives who have a keen eye for style. Our Italian Boutiques Buyers make up a core part of our community, bringing us the best looks from their favourite luxury labels season after season. Their unique, global brand mix epitomises the Italian way of dressing; eclectic, creative and undeniably daring. With this in mind, we thought they’d be the right people to ask about the special qualities that make Italian style what it is. Keep scrolling for a taste of la dolce vita…

A style statement

A style statement

Mariella Tozzi, head of eponymous Bologna store and Atterley Boutique Tozzi, has built a loyal customer base who look to her for valuable style insight. For Mariella, the essence of Italian style is an ability to embrace and celebrate fashion’s creativity.

“Italians aren’t afraid to be glamorous. While much of the rest of the world seems to prefer a pared-back aesthetic, Italians are bold and daring with their designs and outfits, making for a true spectacle on the runway and the streets alike. Fashion month is amazing—it’s when the country’s true fashionistas come out to play.”


It buy bags & shoes

It buy bags & shoes

For Atterley Boutique Luxury Stores, what sets Italian designers apart is their impeccable attention to detail. The proof is in the boutique’s impressive selection of top-class accessories, from J W Anderson, Miu Miu, and more…

“Italy has a longstanding reputation for its craftsmanship. It may have begun with tailoring in Milan but now its recognised across all of the fashion houses you’ll find here. In Italy, quality is everything, and it shows within the clothes and accessories and the people who buy them—they really care about how they’re made.”

Owning your personal style

Owning your personal style

Luxury store and Atterley Boutique Ferrari's is the one-stop shop for premium footwear and stylish accessories from around the world. The head buyer, Marco del Conte, says Italian womens' polished aesthetic is down to their enviable approach to style.

“Although immaculately presented, women in Italy don’t tend to overthink their fashion; they wear what they love and that makes their style truly effortless. Women here shop on gut instinct. Be it extravagant dresses, sleek handbags or statement heels, Italians know their personal style and always have fun with it.”


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